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1Source: salt-libreoffice-addons
2Priority: extra
3Maintainer: Equip LliureX <>
4Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), llxcfg-dev, zero-dev
5Standards-Version: 3.9.5
6Section: non-free/utils
8Package: salt-libreoffice-addons
9Section: non-free/utils
10Depends:  libreoffice-common, ${misc:Depends}
11Architecture: i386
12Description: Salt for addon
13 Salt is a translator which allows you to translate texts from Castilian into
14 Valencian and in the inverse one, with an interactive mode which minimize
15 errors and guarantees high quality translated texts
16 .
17 It is also a spelling checker which, as well as strictly spelling errors, can
18 detect barbarisms, incorrect periphrasis, mistaken idioms, incorrect
19 combinations of object or adverbial pronouns, errors in grammatical
20 relation...
21 .
22 This package contains an addon for to use it.
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