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2Buy something:
3- centralize the Install/Remove/Buy/etc/ functionality as a gtk.Action
4  and wire it to 1) the menu, 2) applist button and 3) appdetails
5  button (tremolux)
6- fetch the metadata as part of the update-software-center-agent-db
7- do screenshot by constructing screenshot urls from update_sc_agent
8  via entry.screenshot_url by using the archive_id
11- make the order of "cache, db, datadir" identical
12  accross the various widgets (e.g. AppDetailsView
13  and AppStore use different ordering)
16- xpm images can not be loaded
17- only simple keyboard nagvigation in the widgets (tab, no
18  cursor keys)
19- make the description -> html processing better, use
20  code from g-a-i for this
22Missing functionality compared to g-a-i:
23- displaying EULA
24- enable of components (like universe)
27- if a package is only available for a subset of the
28  architectures, do the same as g-a-i and display that in
29  the details UI (e.g. qlix not available on amd64)
30- add warning if a package is removed that causes the removal
31  of a unreleated meta-package (that is not ubuntu-desktop)
32- implement the removal dialog in the way the spec calls for
33  it (different ui design)
34- implement warning when a package contains of multiple apps
35  and show the apps in this case
36- CellRendererTextWithActivateArrow needs a mode for
37  right-to-left languages and a button-pressed image
38- refresh app list when a package gets installed (some
39  packages may no longer be installed/not installed)
42- to extend to full axi
43  * change set_data() from appname to pkgname
44  * make database.get_xapian_document() work with empty appname
47- when the xapian db is rebuilding (e.g. because app-center is
48  upgraded) wait for that (just like with the apt cache)
49- pimping of apps (via tweaking the popcon values?)
51Missing (hard):
52- keep track of all pending transactions in the apt cache and when
53  a transaction finishes.
54- when a package is marked for install, block its (and the other
55  pkgs that get installed) action button in the app details view.
56- think more about all the possible cases with manipulating
57  pkgs that are also in a queue of pending transactions and the
58  UI implications that have:
59  e.g.:
60  - A depends on B
61  - A is in the queue for install (but not installed now)
62  - B is installed now
63  - the user clicks on removal of B
64  -> what should the UI say?
65     "removal of B will result in the removal of A that will get "
66     "installed at some point in the future?"
67  -> what implications does cancel of transactions have?
68     we need re-calculate the cache when a cancel happens
69  -> what about transactions that come from outside of
70     software-store
72Missing but not so important:
73- searching for codecs (now done by gnome-codec-install)
74- searching for mime-types (?)
76- Provide terminal in transactions (?)
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