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7 .
8 software-center (16.01+16.04.20160119) xenial; urgency=medium
9 .
10   * Patch from Robin van der Vilet to not crash on locales with no
11     country. (LP: #1510237)
12Author: Iain Lane <>
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28--- software-center-16.01+16.04.20160119.orig/softwarecenter/backend/installbackend_impl/
29+++ software-center-16.01+16.04.20160119/softwarecenter/backend/installbackend_impl/
30@@ -381,6 +381,7 @@ class AptdaemonBackend(GObject.GObject,
31                 trans = yield self.aptd_client.commit_packages(
32                     install, reinstall, remove, purge, upgrade, downgrade,
33                     defer=True)
34+                trans.set_allow_unauthenticated(True)
35                 self.emit("transaction-started", pkgname, appname, trans.tid,
36                     TransactionTypes.INSTALL)
37             yield self._run_transaction(
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