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1Source: transgenic
2Section: utils
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: Equipo LliureX <>
5Uploaders: Ignacio Vidal Hurtado <>, Angel Berlanas Vicente <>, Raul Rodrigo Segura <>, David Montalva Furio <>, Alfons Lloret Sananton <>, Enrique Medina Gremaldos <>, Hector Garcia Huerta <>, Jose Carlos Garcia Monsalvez <>, Jaime Munyoz Fayos <>, Francisco Antonino Daviu <>, Miguel Garcia Gomez <>, Angel Berlanas Vicente <>
6Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 7.3)
7Standards-Version: 3.8.4
9Package: transgenic
10Architecture: all
11Depends: gpp, cowsay, ${misc:Depends}
12Recommends: germinate
13Description: management tool for genetically enhanced seeds
14 Transgenic uses gpp to enable preprocessor directives into seeds
15 lists files. The program takes this enhanced seeds as input and
16 generates plain seeds files that can be expanded with the standard
17 germinate tool.
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