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1#ifndef ABOUT_H
2#define ABOUT_H
4#include <libintl.h>
5#ifndef gettext_noop
6#define gettext_noop(String) String
9static const char * about_text = gettext_noop(
10          "Welcome to Tux Paint's graphical configuration tool, created by "
11          "Torsten Giebl, Jan Wynholds, Bill Kendrick, and Martin Fuhrer.\n"
12          "\n"
13          "This tool allows you to alter Tux Paint's settings, such as "
14          "full-screen mode, the interface's language, or options to simplify "
15          "Tux Paint for younger children.\n"
16          "\n"
17          "These settings can be set for the current user only or for all users "
18          "of your computer by making a selection in the 'Settings for' "
19          "pull-down menu at the bottom.\n"
20          "\n"
21          "Use the tabs at the top to select the different setting categories, "
22          "change the options you'd like to change, and click the 'Apply' "
23          "button at the bottom to write out a new configuration file.\n"
24          "\n"
25          "The next time Tux Paint is launched, the new settings should take "
26          "effect.");
28#endif /* ABOUT_H */
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