source: ubiquity/trunk/fuentes/debian/patches/series @ 2056

Last change on this file since 2056 was 2056, checked in by mabarracus, 5 years ago

Add quick & dirty patch to avoid setting preferred language from localechooser, Note debuggin: trace before db_go localechooser/preferred-language and after it is set with wrong value ca_AD

File size: 396 bytes
1sources.patch                           -p1
2choose-mirror.patch                     -p1
3localechooser.patch                     -p1
4nolangpacksinatall.patch                -p1
5targetposthooks.patch                   -p1
6locale.patch                            -p1
7partition.patch                         -p1
8aclforext4.patch                        -p1
9linguas.patch                           -p1
10disablethirdparty.patch                 -p1
11setThemeLliureX.patch                   -p1
12supportValencianDebconf.patch           -p1
13nonthemeproblem.patch                   -p1
14notes_link.patch                        -p1
15localechooser2.patch                    -p1
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