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1v0.11.0 rc2:
2* #354: Propper handling of directly embedded grayscale jpeg images
3* #429: output filenames interperted as latin1 instead of utf8
4* #441: Gif images do not work
5* #463: Null byte in anchor name
6* #635: Make /dests an indirect object
7* #730: Do not assume that QPixmap requiers GUI
9v0.11.0 rc1:
10* #149: Use base url to resolve links
11* #667: Expose load settings in image c binding
12* #707: Relative links are converted to absolute links
13* Update to newer version of qt
15v0.10.0 rc2:
16* Relicense under LGPL
17* #349: HTTP POST format
18* #365: isLoaded Flag
19* #414: Release bz2 files instead of xz files
20* #426: Reenable --page-offset
21* #428: toimage buffer does no work
23v0.10.0 rc1:
24* #171, #307: Javascript does not work well in i386 static binaries
25* #226, #326: Absolute path are broken on windows
26* #310: Sections in headers only work for the first document
27* #315: Allow arbitrery javascript to be run
28* #332: Also used names to resolve local links
29* #333: Segmentation fault when plugins are not enabled
30* #345 double escaping of html entries in toc
31* Partly #366: allow for custum SVG for checkboxes and radio button
32* #378: the -n switch is ambigius
33* Fix issue: Do not include covers in the outline and toc
35v0.10.0 beta5:
36* Create a libwkhtmltox an relicense under LGPL
37* Add missing --header-line switch
38* #271: Image quality in wkhtmltoimage is not good when using --zoom.
39* #286: Outlines have incorrect page numbers
40* #288: -s, --page-size command line switch broken
41* #328: Ignores supplied xsl stylesheet for to
43v0.10.0 beta4:
44* Added wkhtmtoimage to the source tree, thanks to Christian Sciberras.
45* Added width parameter to wkhtmloimage
46* Added svg support to wkhtmlimage
47* Command line layout reworked
48* Allow for options to be parsed on a per page section
49* Table of content is now generated via XSLT
50* Updated to use QT 4.7
51* Mac binary no longer displayes in dock.
52* #72: the font spacing issues on linux solved when using --use-xserver
53* #55: wkhtmltopdf dies on unavaliable url or network disconnection
54* #114: Add option to for not loading images.
55* #122: No output to stderr describing HTTP 500 server error
56* #143: Add wkhtmltoimage
57* #144: User stylesheet is not working
58* #161: Better image handling
59* #170: Allow for table of content to be placed anywhere
60* #184: wkhtmltopdf crashes with rigt to left texts.
61* #188: Allow for greater TOC customization
62* #205: Add support for local timezone in creation date
63* #238: Add option to force output format
64* #244: Outline contains headers from hidden content
65* #249: Spelling
66* #258: Likns and references to the right pages.
67* #265: mingwm10.dll is empty
68* #267: Sizing problem with wkhtmltoimage and page with no particular width
69* #268: --scale-w doesn't work as expected
70* #270: Do not print crosses and circles in ALL the form fields
71* #273: (Hack) Do not draw the content of a textbox when using forms
72* #278: wkhtmltoimage exits with none existing http error codes.
73* #280: Incorrect page numbering
74* Implement issue 281: Support of page title in header/footer
75* #284: Wrong width when dealing with an invalid html file
78* Fix bug: Use \- some more places in the man page.
79* #220: Allowing the good load check to be disabled.
80* #223: Replace date and time in headers and footers.
81* #225: Add support for links in headers and footers.
84* #191: Add support for not compressing pdf.
85* #210: PATH is overridden by windows 7 install
86* #228: Unable to use none ASCII pdf titles
87* Add nicer rendering for text fields and checkboxes
88* Added initial support for HTML forms
91* #196: Unable to use none ASCII file names.
92* Fix multiple issues with links in the pdf file
95* Fix --toc-header-font-size implementation, added --toc-header-font-name
96* Added a --dump-outline option (Patch by Douglas Bagnall)
97* Added a minimal font size option (Patch by Dmitry Teslenko)
98* Fix pdf outline parent ID (Patch by Douglas Bagnall)
101* #141: wkhtmltopdf does not terminate properly on OSX. (Jan Harbermann)
102* #176: Properly escape strings in the pdf engine. (Patch by Douglas Bagnall)
103* #181: Properly encode string in pdf outline. (Patch by Douglas Bagnall)
104* Fix some spelling in the manual
107* #160: Handle slow scripts instead of terminating with a no X warning. The
108  new default is to just let the scripts run for as long as they want.
109  Unless --stop-slow-scripts is specified.
110* #164: Text read from standard in is interpreted as ASCII, not as local 8bit. (utf8)
111* #165: Add a title to the pdf document.
112* Fix page numbers in TOC when pageOffset has been specified.
113* Fixed faults in documentation.
114* Handle javascript alert, confirm and prompt gracefully.
115* Added a switch --debug-javascript to output javascript errors and warnings to stderr.
118* Added change log to release tar ball
119* Fixed up man page
120* #140: --disable-javascript shod not affect --header-html
121* #142: We now wait for --redirect-delay microseconds before printing a page,
122  allowing for javascript redirects to occure, or dynamic content to be
123  generated. However if a window.print() javascript statement is executed
124  we wait no longer.
125* #147: Detect if --header-html is html
126* #155: Cookie support is broken
127* Add support for userdefined replacements in headers and footers.
128* Fix bug where the header line would not be horizontal
131* Complete code rewrite.
132* Add support for HTML headers and footers.
133* Do not exit 0 when a 404 has occured
134* Added a manual/readme
135* Added an installer under windows
136* #47: Give better error message if destination is not writeble
137* #56: with checkboxes printed badly
138* #61: PDF's send to stdout are broken on windows
139* #74: Scale of output is not fixed
140* #92: Support space between headers and contest
141* #125: Html documents from stdin does not work under windows
142* Allow headers and footers to be utf8
143* Add zoom support
144* Add support for internal and external links
145* Add links and back links to the table of content
146* Links in the table of content, and outline now point at the correct location.
147* Fixed multiple issues with wrong TOC and outlines
148* Add support for custom HTML headers
149* Add support for loading and saving cookies
150* Add support for POST requests
151* Make static build work with older versions of libc
152* Much more that I have now forgotten.
153* Add support for custom page sizes
154* Upgrade to qt4.6 fixing issues with not beeing able to copy text in acroread
155* Upgrade to qt4.6 fixing issues with only one font family working.
158* Allow custom page numbering (patch by Refael Bedia)
159* Add options to support HTTP authentication
160* Fix yet another leek in batch mode (patch by Mário Silva)
161* #when compiling with OT4.4
162* #regarding X11 with unpatched Qt
165* #with batch mode (patch by Mário Silva)
166* #with locale support in units
167* Added optional support for using X11 server, try this if no X11 fails.
168* Attempt to add support for NS Plugins
169* Fix issues when compiling with GCC 4.4
172* Static Linux version no longer requires X11
175* Added support for changing default input encoding (static binary only)
176* Added support for supplying user style sheet
179* Fixed bug with proxy not working as it should
180* Added proxy information to the man page
181* Corrected some spelling
184* Fixed bug: stdin input does not work, stdout does not work on windows
185* Fixed bug: minus not minus on a man page
188* Fixed bug: Unable to compile with CMake
189* Default to printing in screen media-type, switch added to restore old default paper (static binary only)
190* Added an experimental windows executable
191* Fixed bud: Logic invertion in --disable-javascript
194* Fixed bug: h1 and h6 not included in outline
195* Fixed bug: Page calculation not correct for none toplevel h1 tags
196* Fixed bug: Outline page coordinates are wrong (and inverted)
197* Fixed bug: Outline depth setting has no effect
200* Added support for pdf outlines (static version only)
201* Added support for cover pages (static version only)
202* Added support for Table of Contents (static version only)
203* Added support for putting multiple files into one pdf (static version only)
204* Extensive rewrite of the argument parsing code
205* Several arguments have been renamed
206* Added support for disabling javascript
209* Fix a bug regarding writing pages to stdout
210* Fixed spelling
213* Fixed bugs regarding header and footer line in static build
214* Made the qmake file generate and install manpage
215* The Source tarball now actually contains the source
218* Added a manpage
219* Fixed bug that disabled local page support
220* Update: The static binary has now been fixed.
223* Added support for headers and footers (static binary only)
224* Added support for js-redirects
225* More code documentation added
228* Added support for reading command line options from stdin, to do multiple conversions fast.
229* Added options to set page margins.
230* Now shipping a binary statically compiled against QT4.5rc1, that shuld run as is on just about any Linux System.
233* Added support for generation deb packages
234* Added option for dpi, low resolution and grayscale
235* Added (untested) support for removing background image when running under QT 4.5
238* Added support for printing sites with self signed certificates
239* Added options for pageSize and orientation
242* Added proxy support
243* Commandline parsing and quiet support
246* Initial release
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