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1v0.12.3 (2016-01-20)
3* **[qt]** upgrade the patched Qt to the last Qt 4.8 commit
4* removed support for CentOS 5 builds
5* update OpenSSL to 1.0.2e and xz to 5.2.2 and libjpeg to 9b
6* downgrade libpng to 1.2.56
7* **#1843**: add --keep-relative-links and --resolve-relative-links to resolve relative links
8* **#1981**: fix temporary PDF files not being removed when writing to stdout
9* **#2104**: renamed COPYING to LICENSE
10* **#2183**: apply --javascript-delay settings for non-main resource loaders
11* **#2190**: do not depend on ICU even if it is already installed
12* **#2194**: **[qt]** fix debugging of Qt/WebKit due to missing debug information
13* **#2214**: **[qt]** fix broken rendering of transparent images when converting to PDF
14* **#2252**: fix ownership of /usr/local being changed during installation on OS X
15* **#2280**: do not allow data URIs for --header-html or --footer-html
16* **#2322**: fix broken debug builds with MSVC
17* **#2355**: add support for proxy bypass for specific hosts with --bypass-proxy-for
18* **#2418**: fix build error on OS X
19* **#2560**: allow using email address as proxy username
20* **#2572**: fix incorrect version detection when building distro-specific packages
22v0.12.2.1 (2015-01-19)
24* update OpenSSL to 1.0.1l
25* **#2084**: **[qt]** make background transparent by default when rendering to PDF
26* **#2142**: fix wkhtmltoimage ignoring --javascript-delay and --window-status
27* **#2151**: **[qt]** fix PDFs rendering without embedded fonts on 64-bit Cocoa build
29v0.12.2 (2015-01-09)
31* external libraries updated: OpenSSL to 1.0.1k, libpng to 1.5.21 and xz to 5.2.0
32* fix build failure with unpatched Qt >= 5.3
33* **#1539**: **[qt]** using OpenType fonts now results in selectable text on Windows
34* **#1638**: **[qt]** fix incorrect rendering of JPEG images on Windows Server 2008 x64
35* **#1639**: block access to local files on Windows when an invalid URL is used
36* **#1640**: **[qt]** make table page-break logic opt-in via CSS at the row level
37* **#1676**: do not allow overriding the header/footer settings for cover pages
38* **#1676**: set page margins correctly via computed header/footer heights for multiple URLs
39* **#1758**: fix corrupt image when output is specified as "-" in wkhtmltoimage on Windows
40* **#1722**: **[qt]** fix broken hyphenation with soft-hyphens
41* **#1769**: fixed unicode URLs in links
42* **#1772**: added variable 'isodate' for substitution in headers/footers
43* **#1790**: fix handling of temporary files during PDF conversion via API
44* **#1808**: fix [sitepage] and [sitepages] not working without HTML headers/footers
45* **#1825**: fix handling of non-ASCII characters in command-line arguments
46* **#1863**: **[qt]** blank page or crash with low DPI on Windows
47* **#1892**: --window-status causes endless loop with --header-html
48* **#1906**: fix wrong comparison when parsing list parameters
49* **#1944**: **[breaking change]** fix the reflection subsystem to fix the non-functional API
50* **#1949**: fix generation of tarball in the posix-local build
51* **#1955**: installer does not work on 32-bit OS X (10.6.x or 10.7.x)
52* **#1961**: add explicit dependency on minimal font packages for all linux targets
53* **#1988**: fix footer spacing being ignored (and header spacing being used instead)
54* **#1992**: add support for CentOS 7 target
55* **#2055**: **[qt]** rendering of Thai symbols is very slow
57v0.12.1 (2014-06-26)
59* removed support for PostScript output which is not supported in QT5
60* use OpenSSL 1.0.1h for the Windows builds
61* **#1502**: fix spurious "exit with code 1 due to http error: 1xxx" errors
62* **#1504**: **[qt]** fix rendering issues for JPEG with XMP metadata
63* **#1507**: **[qt]** fix crash when CSS widows are specified
64* **#1509**: fix TOC support which was broken after upgrade to latest Qt
65* **#1512**: **[qt]** fix crashes when rendering JPEG images on Windows Server 2008 x64
66* **#1544**: use UTF-8 encoding for the HTML generated by the TOC XSL
67* **#1545**: PDFs rendering without embedded fonts on OS X
68* **#1546**: fix problem with non-ASCII characters in output path on Windows
69* **#1585**: delete existing files explicitly in windows installer
70* **#1586**: **[qt]** suppress blank page generated if the first cell spans multiple pages
71* **#1631**: **[qt]** crash when hiding header for a specific page
72* **#1686**: **[qt]** --user-style-sheet does not work on Windows
73* **#1757**: fix parsing of ColorMode and PrinterMode in the API
74* **#1764**: include text codecs for Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese and Korean
75* fix compilation failures when not building with patched Qt/WebKit
76* support building with non-patched Qt4/Qt5 in either shared or static mode
77* implement a --license command line option
78* update URLs in the internal documentation
79* generate API documentation for libwkhtmltox (on the website)
80* display version in compiled binary properly under various scenarios
81* complete revamp of the build system, which now generates native packages on all platforms
83v0.12.0 (2014-02-06)
85* **#443**: add "sitepage" and "sitepages" support for headers
86* **#175**: add ability to auto calculate header/footer heights
87* **#1086**: don't return freed memory; instead use a string cache
88* **#648**: delete infinite warnings into console about window status
89* **#550**: enable tunneling to use a HTTP proxy for HTTPS
90* **#1277**: avoid crash due to premature deletion of ResourceObject
91* lots of fixes/enhancements for memory and error management
92* add *--quiet* option to wkhtmltoimage
93* add *--cache-dir* option for configuring web cache directory
94* add *--load-media-error-handling* to handle errors for media files
95* add *--viewport-size* to specify viewport size
96* reserve heights when not using HTML header/footer
97* lots of improvements in the build system
98* lots of typos were fixed in various places
99* **[qt]** rebase patch series on QT 4.8.5 (now hosted on github)
100* **[qt]** fixes to get static builds working for MSVC 2010 (32/64 bit)
101* **[qt]** prevent page breaks in table rows
102* **[qt]** repeat THEAD/TFOOT when table contains page breaks
103* **[qt]** improve font kerning as per Webkit bug 93263
104* **[qt]** various table page-break improvements
105* **[qt]** fix rendering due to incorrect page height computation
106* **[qt]** implement "page-break-inside: avoid" for non-floating block elements
107* **[qt]** enable WOFF file support
108* **[qt]** add support for CSS widows and orphans for block elements
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