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1/** \file diagsru_update.c
2    \brief Diagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./sru_update.csv */
4#include <config.h>
7#include "diag-entry.h"
8#include "./../include/yaz/diagsru_update.h"
9struct yaz_diag_entry yaz_diag_sru_update_tab[] = {
11{1, "Invalid component:  record rejected"},
12{2, "Invalid component:  component rejected"},
13{3, "Invalid component:  warning only"},
14{4, "Invalid component:  default value applied"},
15{5, "Invalid component:  data corrected by server"},
16{6, "Invalid repetition of component: record rejected"},
17{7, "Invalid repetition of component: component rejected"},
18{8, "Invalid repetition of component: warning only"},
19{9, "Missing mandatory element: record rejected"},
20{10, "Missing mandatory element: warning only"},
21{11, "Missing mandatory element: default value applied"},
22{12, "Invalid data structure: record rejected"},
23{13, "Invalid data structure: component rejected"},
24{14, "Invalid data structure: warning only"},
25{15, "Invalid data structure: default value applied"},
26{16, "Invalid data structure: data corrected by server"},
27{17, "Incorrect element length: record rejected"},
28{18, "Incorrect element length : component rejected"},
29{19, "Incorrect element length : warning only"},
30{20, "Incorrect element length : default value applied"},
31{21, "Incorrect element length : data corrected by server"},
32{22, "Invalid record identifier : record rejected"},
33{23, "Invalid record identifier : warning only"},
34{24, "Invalid record identifier : default applied"},
35{25, "Invalid record identifier : data corrected by server"},
36{26, "Invalid component identifier : record rejected"},
37{27, "Invalid component identifier: component rejected"},
38{28, "Invalid component identifier: warning only"},
39{29, "Invalid component identifier: data corrected by server"},
40{30, "Record schema unacceptable: record rejected"},
41{31, "Record schema unacceptable: component rejected"},
42{32, "Record schema unrecognised: warning only"},
43{33, "Record schema unacceptable: record converted"},
44{50, "Record not found (replacement or delete)"},
45{51, "Component not found (replacement or delete)"},
46{52, "Record protected or locked by another user"},
47{53, "Cannot delete or replace record or component, authorization failure"},
48{54, "Cannot delete or replace record or component without locking first"},
49{55, "Cannot process update, incorrect or invalid version"},
50{56, "Linked records exist, cannot delete record"},
51{57, "Record or component not found, replacement request processed as an insert"},
52{58, "Suspect duplicate: record or component insert rejected"},
53{59, "Suspect duplicate: warning only"},
54{60, "Incoming record matches with database record, records merged"},
55{61, "Unspecified database error"},
56{62, "Cannot process or store record, insufficent space"},
57{63, " 'record' is ignored, while Both 'recordIdentifier' and 'record' were included on a 'delete' action."},
58{64, "'recordIdentifier' is ignored, while Both 'recordIdentifier' and 'record' were included on a 'delete' action."},
59{65, "Not processed (replace or delete). Record identifier retrieved ore than one record"},
60{100, "Invalid action"},
61{0, 0}};
62const char *yaz_diag_sru_update_str(int code)
64    return yaz_diag_to_str(yaz_diag_sru_update_tab, code);
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