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WIP in zomando to install FreeCad?

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1Source: zero-lliurex-installers
2Section: x11
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: Equipo LliureX <>
5Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 7), llxcfg-dev, zero-dev, llxsrchelper,inkscape (>= 0.47)
6Standards-Version: 3.8.4
8Package: zero-lliurex-analytics
9Architecture: all
10Section: x11
11Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, n4d
12Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-analytics
13Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-analytics (<=0.126.5)
14Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-analytics (<=0.126.5)
15Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-analytics
16Description: Controller for Lliurex Analytics reporting agent
17 Zero-center Controller for stat reporting agent
19Package: zero-lliurex-autofirma
20Architecture: all
21Section: x11
22Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
23Description: Autofirma installer
24  Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs Autofirma package
26Package: zero-lliurex-chrome
27Architecture: amd64
28Section: x11
29Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
30Description: Google Chrome browser installer
31 Zero-center helper, It installs Google Chrome browser on Lliurex
33Package: zero-lliurex-chromecast
34Architecture: all
35Section: x11
36Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
37Description: Mkchromecast installer
38 Zero-center helper, It installs Mkchromecast client on Lliurex
40Package: zero-lliurex-dropbox-installer
41Architecture: all
42Section: x11
43Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
44Description: Automate dropbox client installation
45 Automate dropbox client installation
47Package: zero-lliurex-dvdcss
48Architecture: all
49Section: x11
50Depends: zero-center, gdebi, wget, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
51Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-dvdcss
52Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-dvdcss (<=0.126.5)
53Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-dvdcss (<=0.126.5)
54Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-dvdcss
55Description: Extra codecs installer
56 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs codecs for DVD package
58Package: zero-lliurex-fonts
59Architecture: all
60Section: x11
61Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
62Conflicts: zero-installer-fonts
63Replaces: zero-installer-fonts (<=0.126.5)
64Breaks: zero-installer-fonts (<=0.126.5)
65Provides: zero-installer-fonts
66Description: Extra fonts installer
67 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs extra-fonts package
69Package: zero-lliurex-freecad
70Architecture: all
71Section: x11
72Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
73Description: FreeCad installer
74  Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs FreeCad package
76Package: zero-lliurex-hotpotatoes
77Architecture: all
78Section: x11
79Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
80Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-hotpotatoes
81Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-hotpotatoes (<=0.126.5)
82Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-hotpotatoes (<=0.126.5)
83Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-hotpotatoes
84Description: Hotpotatoes installer
85 Hotpotatoes installer for resources
87Package: zero-lliurex-kiosko
88Architecture: all
89Section: x11
90Depends: zero-center, chromium-browser, llxcfg-runtime
91Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-kiosko
92Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-kiosko (<=0.126.5)
93Breaks: llliurex-zero-installer-kiosko (<=0.126.5)
94Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-kiosko
95Description: Lliurex Technology lab
96 Zero-center installer to run kiosk mode
98Package: zero-lliurex-krita
99Architecture: all
100Section: x11
101Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
102Description: Krita installer
103  Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs krita package
105Package: zero-lliurex-libreoffice-reset
106Architecture: i386
107Section: x11
108Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
109Conflicts: lliurex-zero-libreoffice-reset
110Replaces: lliurex-zero-libreoffice-reset (<=0.126.5)
111Breaks: lliurex-zero-libreoffice-reset (<=0.126.5)
112Provides: lliurex-zero-libreoffice-reset
113Description: LibreOffice Home Cleaner
114 Limpiador del LibreOffice
116Package: zero-lliurex-midicss
117Architecture: all
118Section: x11
119Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
120Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-midicss
121Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-midicss (<=0.126.5)
122Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-midicss (<=0.126.5)
123Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-midicss
124Description: MIDI codecs installer
125 Zero-center helper, It installs codecs for MIDI package
127Package: zero-lliurex-mixxx
128Architecture: all
129Section: x11
130Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
131Description: Mixxx installer
132 Zero-center helper, It installs mixxx on Lliurex
134Package: zero-lliurex-moodle
135Architecture: all
136Section: x11
137Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
138Description: zero-center installer for Moodle
139 Advanced packages for distribution
141Package: zero-lliurex-msad
142Architecture: all
143Section: x11
144Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
145Conflicts: llxcfg-msad-installer, zero-msad-installer
146Replaces: zero-msad-installer (<=0.126.5)
147Breaks: zero-msad-installer (<=0.126.5)
148Provides: zero-msad-installer
149Description: Active directory integration
150 zero-msad-installer installer, it downloads and installs packages for AD
151 integration
153Package: zero-lliurex-notebook-bar
154Architecture: i386
155Section: x11
156Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
157Conflicts: zero-notebook-bar
158Replaces: zero-notebook-bar (<=0.126.5)
159Breaks: zero-notebook-bar (<=0.126.5)
160Provides: zero-notebook-bar
161Description: zero-center installer for notebook
162 Remove notebook bar
164Package: zero-lliurex-obs-studio
165Architecture: all
166Section: x11
167Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
168Description: OBS Studio installer
169 Is an software for video recording and live streaming
171Package: zero-lliurex-ocrfeeder
172Architecture: all
173Section: x11
174Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
175Description: OCRFeeder installer
176 Is an optical character recognition suite
178Package: zero-lliurex-open-sysclone
179Architecture: all
180Section: x11
181Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
182Conflicts: zero-open-sysclone
183Replaces: zero-open-sysclone (<=0.126.5)
184Breaks: zero-open-sysclone (<=0.126.5)
185Provides: zero-open-sysclone
186Description: Lliurex Open-SysClone
187 Clone Pc's to rescue.
189Package: zero-lliurex-promethean
190Architecture: all
191Section: x11
192Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, linux-headers-generic, epi-gtk
193Description: Drivers fro promethean installer
194 Zero-center helper, It installs the drivers for the prometean boards
196Package: zero-lliurex-pyromaths
197Architecture: all
198Section: x11
199Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
200Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-pyromaths
201Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-pyromaths (<=0.126.5)
202Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-pyromaths (<=0.126.5)
203Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-pyromaths
204Description: Pyromaths installer
205 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs python-pyromaths package
207Package: zero-lliurex-recursos
208Architecture: all
209Section: x11
210Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk, resources-launcher
211Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-recursos
212Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-recursos (<=0.126.5)
213Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-recursos (<=0.126.5)
214Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-recursos
215Description: Recursos installer
216 Recursos installer, it downloads and installs packages for recursos
218Package: zero-lliurex-salt
219Architecture: i386
220Section: x11
221Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
222Conflicts: lliurex-zero-salt
223Replaces: lliurex-zero-salt (<=0.126.5)
224Breaks: lliurex-zero-salt (<=0.126.5)
225Provides: lliurex-zero-salt
226Description: SALT installer
227 SALT installer for zero-center.
229Package: zero-lliurex-skype
230Architecture: all
231Section: x11
232Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
233Description: Skype installer
234 Zero-center helper, It installs skype on Lliurex
236Package: zero-lliurex-spotify
237Architecture: all
238Section: x11
239Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
240Description: Spotify client installer
241 Zero-center helper, It installs Spotify client on Lliurex
243Package: zero-lliurex-technology
244Architecture: all
245Section: x11
246Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
247Description: Lliurex Technology lab
248 Install packages for a Techonolgy laboratory
250Package: zero-lliurex-telegram
251Architecture: all
252Section: x11
253Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
254Description: Telegram installer
255 Zero-center helper, It installs telegram on Lliurex
257Package: zero-lliurex-wine64
258Architecture: amd64
259Section: x11
260Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, epi-gtk
261Conflicts: lliurex-zero-installer-wine64
262Replaces: lliurex-zero-installer-wine64 (<=0.126.5)
263Breaks: lliurex-zero-installer-wine64 (<=0.126.5)
264Provides: lliurex-zero-installer-wine64
265Description: Wine64 installer
266 Zero-center helper, It installs wine on amd64
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