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Modified control to add pe dependency

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  • lliurex-zero-installers/trunk/fuentes/debian/control

    r154 r319  
    99Architecture: all
    1010Section: x11
    11 Depends: zero-center
     11Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    1212Description: Pyromaths installer
    1313 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs python-pyromaths package
    1616Architecture: all
    1717Section: x11
    18 Depends: zero-center
     18Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    1919Description: Extra fonts installer
    2020 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs extra-fonts package
    2323Architecture: all
    2424Section: x11
    25 Depends: zero-center, gdebi, wget
     25Depends: zero-center, gdebi, wget, llxcfg-runtime
    2626Description: Extra codecs installer
    2727 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs codecs for DVD package
    3030Architecture: all
    3131Section: x11
    32 Depends: zero-center
     32Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    3333Description: Recursos installer
    3434 Recursos installer, it downloads and installs packages for recursos
    3737Architecture: all
    3838Section: x11
    39 Depends: zero-center
     39Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    4040Description: Hotpotatoes installer
    4141 Hotpotatoes installer for resources
    4444Architecture: all
    4545Section: x11
    46 Depends: zero-center
     46Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    4747Conflicts:  llxcfg-msad-installer
    4848Description: Active directory integration
    5353Architecture: i386
    5454Section: x11
    55 Depends: zero-center
     55Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    5656Description: SALT installer
    5757 SALT installer for zero-center.
    6060Architecture: i386
    6161Section: x11
    62 Depends: zero-center
     62Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    6363Description: LibreOffice Home Cleaner
    6464 Limpiador del LibreOffice
    6767Architecture: all
    6868Section: x11
    69 Depends: zero-center
     69Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    7070Description: zero-center installer for lite
    7171 Advanced packages for distribution
    7474Architecture: all
    7575Section: x11
    76 Depends: zero-center
     76Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    7777Description: zero-center installer for Moodle
    7878 Advanced packages for distribution
    8181Architecture: i386
    8282Section: x11
    83 Depends: zero-center
     83Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    8484Description: zero-center installer for notebook
    8585 Remove notebook bar
    8888Architecture: all
    8989Section: x11
    90 Depends: zero-center
     90Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    9191Description: Lliurex Open-SysClone
    9292 Clone Pc's to rescue.
    9595Architecture: all
    9696Section: x11
    97 Depends: zero-center
     97Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    9898Description: Lliurex Technology lab
    9999 Install packages for a Techonolgy laboratory
    102102Architecture: all
    103103Section: x11
    104 Depends: zero-center, chromium-browser
     104Depends: zero-center, chromium-browser, llxcfg-runtime
    105105Description: Lliurex Technology lab
    106106 Zero-center installer to run kiosk mode
    109109Architecture: all
    110110Section: x11
    111 Depends: zero-center
     111Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    112112Description: Lliurex Analytics reporting agent
    113113 Zero-center installer to enable anonymous stat reporting
    116116Architecture: all
    117117Section: x11
    118 Depends: zero-center
     118Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
    119119Description: MIDI codecs installer
    120120 Zero-center helper, It installs codecs for MIDI package
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